I believe that beauty is in the eye of the 'lens'holder, whether video or photography there is much more to be captured than just an image. The essence of the moment, freezing time, so that 25 years later, you can remember that moment like it just happened. The emotional connection and the uniqueness of each and every moment, is what I look for when 'capturing' time. I also LOVE babies, LOVE kids and love the look of love!!! 

I am a mom of two lovely children and a wife to a very supportive husband. I have a diploma in Television Production, from BCIT, where I studied, photography, journalism, and television production. My diploma is just a piece of paper, my real skills are personal, they come from within and are what I use to connect to my client. More often than not, my client, becomes my friend! I have made so many loyal friends over the years, I feel very lucky to have this job! 

My studio is located in beautiful Osprey Village, right on the Fraser River -- so whether we shoot inside (with my plethora of props) or outdoors in beautiful Pitt Meadows (or a location of your choice!) you can guarantee we will have fun & you will enjoy your experience!

I have been a professional editor & shooter for over 8 years and am still in love with this industry. In fact, when I retire, I hope to have this job, as my hobby. I hope that I can leave a footprint in time with each and every person I come in contact with! With over 200 weddings under my belt and at least 2x that amount in child photography I have the experience and creativity to shoot in all situations, and locations.

I look forward to meeting you and becoming life long memory makers together!

THANK YOU Pitt Meadows/Maple Ridge, for voting me your favourite photographer/studio for 2106!!


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